Monday, July 10, 2006

Quests for Attack Experience

If your sole object in doing quests is to maximise your attack experience then players should take note of the quests that can give them some bonus in this skill.

The following quests should be done to maximise your attack experience rewards from all the quests offered on runescape:

1.In Search Of The Myreque 600 Att experience
2.Mountain Daughter 1000 Att experience
3.A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains 2000 Att experience
4.In Aid Of The Myreque 2000 Att experience
5.Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 2500 Att experience
6.Fremennik Trials 2812.4 Att experience
7.Death Plateau 3000 Att experience
8.The Underground Pass 3000 Att experience
9.Heroes Quest 3075 Att experience
10.Vampire Slayer 4825 Att experience
11.Legends Quest 7650 Att experience or up to 30600 experience if all 4 choices are for attack experience
12.Shadow Of The Storm Choice of 10000 Att experience if desired
13.One Small Favour 10000-20000 Att experience depending on your choice
14.Tree Gnome Village 11450 Att experience
15.Fight Arena 12175 Att exp
16.Waterfall Quest 13750 Att exp
17.The Grand Tree 18400 Att exp
18.Recipe for Disaster 20000 Att exp (A Lamp to grant 20000xp in a skill of your choice over level 50)
19.Monkey Madness 20000 or 35000 Att experience depending on your choice.

Overall, if you choose to take attack experience only in the quests where you have a choice, then the maximum amount of experience bonus from doing quests in runescape will be 196187.4 exp from a total of 19 quests that offer att experience as a reward for completing them.

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