Thursday, July 06, 2006

Quests for Agility Experience

The following quests should be done if you are wanting to maximse the bonus Agility experience given for quests:

1. Cabin Fever gives 7000 Agility experience
2. Fremennik Trials give 2812.4 Agility experience
3. Icthlarin's Little Helper will get you 4000 Agility experience
4. Legends Quest can give 7650 Agility or up to 30600 agility experience depending if you decide to use all 4 rewards to boost up this skill
5. Mourning's End Part II (The Temple Of Light) will give 20000 Agility experience
6. One Small Favour between 10000-20000 Agility if you have at least level 30 agility experience and decide to use the 2 lamps to raise this skill
7. Recipe for Disaster can give 20000 Agility experience provided you have at least level 50 agility and decide to use it to boost this skill
8. Regicide gives 13750 Agility experience
9. Recruitment Drive will give 1000 Agility experience
10. Royal Trouble will give 5000 Agility experience
11. Saving Awowogei gains 10000 Agility experience in addition to giving access to the Monkey Agility course
12. The Grand Tree quest will give you 7900 Agility experience
13. Tourist Trap can net between 4650-9300 Agility experience if you choose to boost this skill
14. Troll Romance will net you 8000 Agility experience
15. Underground Pass quest will give you 3000 Agility experience

Overall, currently 15 quests in Runescape will be able to benefit your Agility skill should you wish to take advantage of them. In total, a member can earn 162362.4 agility experience if they decide to use all the lamps to boost the skill and that they have level 50 agility prior to completing the Recipe for Disaster quest.

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